Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_1 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_2 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_3
Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_4 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_5 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_6
You could be forgiven for thinking someone had been fly-tipping at our headquarters this week.

In reality it was only our Purple Beaver Colony junk modelling as part of their Creative Challenge Badge.

Little was left to their imagination as a variety of “vehicle” based constructions started to take shape.

Everyone completed their mission and the building was returned to normal at the end of the evening.

Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_7 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_8 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_9 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_10 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_12
Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_11 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_13 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_14 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_16 Beavers (Purple) Junk Modelling_2014_15


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