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Participating in outdoor activities as part of a Scouting life can be an expensive and so the idea of the 38th Boot Bank was born.  Recycling old but still serviceable equipment we ensure that every Scout has the opportunity to be properly equipped to face the great outdoors.  In particular, the scheme aims to find new homes for:

  • Boots
  • Waterproofs
  • Rucksacks
  • Etc..

The equipment will be kept in a single location, where its condition will be monitored and repaired where possible; once equipment has passed its useful life it will be sent to a local recycling centre and any funds generated given to the Group.

Contact your Section Leader if you need access to any of the equipment and they will get in touch with the Leader in charge of the equipment.

Currently the following are available:

Walking Boots

C9Wellington BootBlack / Rainbow
C11RegattaHiking BootGreySynthetic
C12Hi-TechHiking BootGreySynthetic
C12KarrimorHiking BootGreySynthetic
C13BergausHiking BootBlueLeather / Synthetic
C13Hi-TecHiking BootGreyLeather / Synthetic
C13Hi-TecHiking BootPinkSynthetic
1Hi-TecHiking BootPink/GreySynthetic
1GroundworksSnow BootBlackSynthetic
1KarrimorHiking BootGrey/PinkSynthetic
1RegattaWalking ShoeGreySynthetic
2KarrimorWalking ShoeGrey/PinkSynthetic
2Hi-TecHiking BootPinkLeather / Synthetic
3Hi-TecHiking BootBrownLeather
3RegattaWalking ShoeGrey/PinkSynthetic
3RegattaHiking BootGrey/PinkLeather / Synthetic
3Hi-TecHiking BootBlueLeather / Synthetic
3.5KeenHiking BootBrownLeather / Synthetic
4Wellington BootBlackSynthetic
4NextSnow BootBrownLeather
4Wellington BootGreen
4?RegattaHiking BootPink/GreyLeather / Synthetic
5?MerrelWalking ShoeBrownLeather / Synthetic
5Wellington BootBlackSynthetic
5Hi-TecHiking BootBrownLeather
5Hot TunaWater ShoeBlueNeoprene / Synthetic
5.5MeindlHiking BootBrown/GreyLeather


5-6 yearsRegattaWaterproof JacketPurpleSynthetic
5-6 yearsTog 24Waterproof JacketPinkSynthetic
5-6 yearsRegattaWaterproof JacketPinkSynthetic
5-6 yearsRegattaWaterproof LegginsBlueSynthetic
7-8 yearsDebenhamsWaterproof JacketPinkSynthetic
7-8 yearsTrespassWaterproof JacketPinkSynthetic
8-9 yearsSpraywayFleece JacketBlueSynthetic
9-10 YearsRegattaWaterproof LeggingsBlackSynthetic
11-12 YearsRegattaWaterproof JacketBlueSynthetic
SmallLower AlpineWaterproof JacketRedSynthetic
MediumGelertWaterproof JacketNavySynthetic


ChildSleeping BagGelertKids ScoutGreenSynthetic
ChildSleeping BagGelertKids ScoutGreenSynthetic


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