26 Scouts and 4 leaders recently held a two night camp at Waddecar Scout Activity Centre.  After pitching tents for those camping out and a brief walk around the site everybody settled and eventually(!) went to sleep ready for the weekend ahead.
On Saturday the camp woke to brilliant sunshine.  After a decent breakfast, the camp split into three groups to spend 1-hour each rifle shooting, orienteering and exploring the History of Scouting and Guiding Museum.  The orienteering was won by two of the newer Scouts. After a visit to the shop the Scouts played a wide game.

Sunday morning was spent crawling around inside the Badger Pipe Warren where all got wet and muddy.  The entire camp enjoyed a roast turkey lunch before clearing the building and campsite.  They then headed back to Rossendale at 3 pm in brilliant sunshine tired but happy after an enjoyable camp.

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