The summer term was rounded off with a number of parties across each Section.

Grey Colony Beavers had a Beach Party themed meeting.  Many of the Beavers dressed for the occasion.

Activities included a bouncy castle, an obstacle course, a bean bag throwing game and an egg and spoon relay.

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Purple Beaver Colony had a super hero / Disney themed fancy dress party.

The bouncy castle proved to be a top attraction but the horse-shoe throwing game and apple bobbing was also a top hit.

Following supper, the evening was finished off with a water relay game before a prize was awarded to the most original boy and girl fancy dress outfit.

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Purple Pack Cubs had an evening of fun at Runamok, Haslingden on the hottest day of the year!

Despite the heat everyone had a great time!

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Grey Pack Cubs finished off the summer term with a fun evening involving space hoppers!

A series of relays were held involving the over-sized balloons that at times proved difficult to handle!

Following a hot-dog supper their mental as well as their physical ability was tested with a giant sized connect four game.

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Most end of term parties end up with a feast to celebrate the coming break.

Purple Scout Troop members were in for a shock when on the menu were locusts, buffalo worms, garlic chapulines, mealworms, silkworms, sago worms as well as the more conventional butter beans, kidney beans, spaghetti, jelly worms and chocolate raisins in the Sections very own Bush Tucker Trial.

Most of the Scouts were willing to try the delicacies.

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