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What does it take to run a winter camp for 24 Scouts?

Well for starters, 152 sausage & bacon, 100 slices of toast, 78 wraps, over 5 kilos of breakfast cereal, 960 grams of cheese, 10 kilos of bolognese sauce, 112 pieces of fruit, 72 pints of milk, over 4 kilos of vegetables, 40 litres of fresh fruit juice, approximately 9,300 baked beans, lots and lots of yummy cake and probably 2 hours of sleep!

Friday evening started with the first of the weekend’s fire activities, marshmallow “Smoores”.

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Following little sleep the Scouts were treated to a full English breakfast before splitting into three groups for the mornings activities which included fire lighting and paracords.  A games session then followed.

Smaller groups of four then prepared and cooked a Teriyaki chicken with stir fry vegetables and rice lunch.  All coped with this well.

Fully refreshed, the Scouts then walked the 1.5-miles from the Fylde District Scout activity campsite into St. Anne’s centre.  Here the Scouts were tasked with the mission of identifying a number of items from A-Z and pricing these up in local shops with no more than a £100.00 budget.

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Following a pasta bolognese tea the Scouts then used a backwoods cooking technique to cook fresh fruit complete with marshmallows and chocolate on the fire.  This was followed by campfire songs and free time.

On Sunday morning the Scouts were tasked with designing bin-bag clothes and then parading them on the “cat-walk”.

A balloon chair challenge caused great amusement as did the design a car with vegetables that followed.

The hardest task of the weekend, packing and tidying the dormitories preceded the close of camp.

For more photos from the weekend view our Facebook Album.

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