Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_1Hikes Away Stage 1 RGBBeavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_2
A well-deserved tray of chips and drink of juice awaited Purple Colony Beavers on their return hike from the Haslingden Halo.

Starting off from Rossendale Ski Slope just before dusk, the Beavers made their way to “top ‘o’ slate” above the hills of Haslingden where the Halo stands in a prime position overlooking the town and the Rossendale Valley.

The Beavers stood under the LED glow and looked on in amazement at the 18m-diameter steel lattice structure.

Before returning to the ski slope cafe for supper, the Beavers had chance to explore the area surrounding the Halo.

All will be awarded their Hikes Away Staged Activity Badge.

Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_3Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_4Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_5
Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_6Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_7Beavers (Wednesday) - HIke to the Halo_2015_8


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