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Grey Pack’s theme for this term is “Be Safe” and as part of this they visited Rawtenstall (P74) Fire Station to find out about this vital service.

Welcomed by Fire fighter Gary Brook and his colleagues, the Cubs were introduced to the life of a fire fighter, the difference between retained and whole time crews, and shown the equipment used to fight fires and rescue people.

The highlight of the visit was the trip in the Softrak, Lancashire’s only specialist moorland fire fighting appliance.  The evening ending with a demonstration of the lights and sounds used to warn people that an appliance is on an emergency.

Cubs (Friday)_Fire_Station_2015_1Cubs (Friday)_Fire_Station_2015_2Cubs (Friday)_Fire_Station_2015_3
In addition to learning about fire safety, and meeting important members of our community (both key elements for our badges) these role models also provide inspiration for ‘doing your best’.  An ex-member of Grey Pack (from a few years ago) was on duty and shared his experiences of being a fire fighter.

The Pack were fantastic ambassadors for the Group, asking great questions and exploring the equipment.

A massive thank you to Firefighter Brook and his colleagues for making us welcome and providing us with an interesting and entertaining evening.

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