Building on their Health & Fitness theme for the term, Grey Pack had a visit from Craig Robertson, Owner of local Bike Shop Ride-On.

Contributing to the Skills Challenge badge, the Cubs were shown how to perform the British Cycling “M Check”, something everyone should know how to perform before a ride.  Demonstrating on a top of the range Mountain bike, Craig kept the Cubs enthralled with descriptions of what each part of a bike does and how to check for problems.

Craig demonstrated the difference between frame weights passing around a steel BMX frame and a carbon fibre mountain bike frame, before showing how easy it is to change an inner tube-especially handy when you get a puncture.

The Cubs asked lots of interesting questions around bike failures and how these could be fixed.

Cubs were invited to bring their bikes in, and they were able to use their new found skills to check their rides.  Craig visited each bike often fixing simple problems while he chatted with the Cubs.

A massive thank you to Craig for providing his expertise and sharing his knowledge with the Cubs.  Getting hands-on with bike parts and tools helped the Cubs to understand how to look after their bikes.  Hopefully they will remember this the next time they head out.

More photos from the evening can be viewed in our Facebook Album.


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