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The extended summer proved a real boon to Grey Pack as they enjoyed a late camp at Ashworth Valley, Heywood.  Although forecasters were predicting stormy conditions the weather held off sufficiently to allow 24 members of the pack to enjoy the delights of this rural idyll.

Previous experience (notably Bear Grylls weekend in 2013 – how wet and cold was that!) had persuaded the organisers to opt for onsite facilities and the Cubs made good use of the Pack Holiday Centre with its Jungle Book designs on the walls.

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Focussing mainly on reinforcing the recent learning associated with the backwoods and pioneering badges the Cubs practiced knots, built structures and cooked bananas and marshmallows on the fire.  Although struggling to stay awake by the end, everyone enjoyed the campfire joined by another Salford based group.  Jacala especially seemed to enjoy teaching everyone the shark song!

Gifts in the form of a decorated picture frame, housing an image of the Cub were made for parents, although the Cubs made sure to treat themselves at the tuck shop.

Well done to everyone who attended and made it great weekend and a special thank you to Jacala who organised it all.

To see more photos from the weekend visit our Facebook Album.

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