Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_1 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_2 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_3
Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_4 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_5 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_6
Turning a pile of cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and other assorted “junk” into models was the task set recently for Grey Beaver Colony.

Working on their Creative Challenge Badge the Beavers worked hard coming up with some fantastic creations.

Other activities previously undertaken to achieve the badge included the making of Funny Face Biscuits and making models with a magnetic construction set.

Well done Beavers, you all deserve the badge.

Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_7 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_8 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_9
Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_10 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_11 Beavers (Grey) Junk Modelling_2015_12

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