Over 60 Beavers from around the Rossendale Valley visited Peel Tower above the hills of Holcombe Village, near Ramsbottom.

The 128 foot (39-metre) tower, which was opened in 1852 at a cost of £1000, was built as a memorial to Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister and founder of the modern day Police force (“Bobbies”).

After a refreshing drink, well deserved after the walk up the hillside, the Beavers took part in a number of activities including flying kites and playing with a parachute.

After their picnic lunch the Beavers got together for a group photograph followed by the joining of hands to form a complete circle around the Tower to shout their “Beaver Yell!”.  Those hoping for a quite walk in the countryside were in for a shock!

A good time was had by all!

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