Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_6Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_1
Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_4This term Grey Pack are being creative and for the first half of the term have looked at the Digital Maker staged activity badge.

Aimed at encouraging the Cubs to create digital media, they have designed computer games, created websites and ‘programmed robots’.

Over the summer the Cubs were encouraged to take five photographs of Rossendale which we then used to design and build websites promoting the area.  This exercise helped the Cubs appreciate what a fine place we live in as well as giving a focus for their creativity.

You can see some of the results in this news article.

A further very productive exercise involved the Cubs, writing instructions for a robot to make “jam butties”.  The outcome was thoroughly tasty.

Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_2
Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_5Friday_Cubs_Digital Maker_3

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