Purple Troop Manchester Airport

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Members of Purple Scout Troop spent a fascinating evening at the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre.

The tour started by a look airside at the landing and taking off aircraft.  The Scouts were given an explanation about the process and were keen to ask questions.

Moving in to the warmth of the Concorde hanger the Scouts were delighted to board the fastest passenger airliner in the world.

The history of the aircraft was presented by the tour guide.  Many of the Scouts finding some of the facts hard to believe.  They were fascinated to learn that seat 1a for example was reserved for the Queen.  Michael Jackson was another regular who flew the entire journey with a blanket over his head!

Moving off Concorde the Scouts boarded the body of a DC-10 aircraft.  Here not only did they learn the history of the aircraft, but they also were given the chance to portray many aviation jobs, such as pilots, firemen and policemen.

The evening will contribute to their Air Spotter Activity Badge.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook album.

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Cubs Halo Promise

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The year of 2016 marks the centenary of Cub Scouts, meaning Cubs all over the UK have been celebrating Cubs100 all year. 38th Rossendale have taken part in a number of celebrations such as the District Thanks Event, a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the County Cubs100 Adventure Camp.

One of the activities promoted for Cubs this year was the Promise Challenge. This was a challenge for Cub packs to renew their promise in the wildest, most exciting and adventurous location possible and share it with other Cubs and Scouters across the UK.

Of course, our two Cub packs always rise to a challenge and decided to use the local area to our advantage and take a trip to space to renew their promise! Okay – not quite outer space, but the Haslingden Halo!

On section nights both Cub Packs braved the dark, cold and mud to hike to the Halo and renew their promise underneath the glow of the sculpture. We think this was a pretty unique place to renew their promise and the hikes were full of fun too!

Well done to both Purple and Grey Packs for well and truly smashing the Promise Challenge for Cubs100!

cubs_halo_promise_4 cubs_halo_promise_5 cubs_halo_promise_6

Santa’s (Grey Pack) Elves

One month ago, Grey Pack were visited by RAFT to talk about the reverse advent idea and this week they returned to collect the donations.

Cubs had the option of different paths, with some bringing a collection to be redistributed to others bringing dedicated Christmas boxes.  All were eagerly welcomed by the three members of RAFT that visited.

The Cubs were invited to help Santa by wrapping gifts in advance of a coming Christmas party. A blur of gift paper, sticky tape and presents ensued with the results described as “wrapped with love” by a member of RAFT.

Christmas boxes were explored to show how much thought had gone into selecting gifts.  Often Cubs thought of a person around their age and picked items that they would want to receive.

One selection brought in a baby hamper case will be separated and restocked for a new baby gift, demonstrating how items can be reused.

Some Cubs were absent but we are still able to take gifts and will ensure they get to RAFT.

Well done to all the Cubs for thinking of others (especially at this time of year) and making Christmas special for all.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

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Purple Colony Fire Station Visit

purple_colony_fire_station_2016_1 purple_colony_fire_station_2016_2 purple_colony_fire_station_2016_3
Purple Colony Beavers went to Rawtenstall Fire Station to complete the “someone who serves the community” part of their My World Challenge Badge.

Following an interesting talk on the life of a fireman, the Beavers were shown around the fire engine and given a detailed overview of the equipment.

When asked if they wanted to squirt water with the hose or ride in the fire engine the majority wanted to ride. With lights flashing and sirens blaring, they got their wish.

Well done to all of them for their good behaviour and interesting questions.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

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Remembrance Day Parade 2016

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Remembrance Day on Sunday 13th November 2016 was marked with the attendance of well over 100 members for the parade in Rawtenstall.

Carrying their flags with pride, members of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts proudly marched through the town centre to the Cenotaph where a short service was held before the laying of the wreaths.

All members behaved impeccably and were a credit to the Group.

More photos from the day can be viewed in our Facebook Album.

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Grey Pack Sixer Training

grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_1 grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_2 grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_3
Remembrance weekend saw eight members of Grey Pack assemble at the Warren for a Sixer and Seconder weekend.  Aimed at showing them how they can help run the Pack, the opportunity to cook on an open fire for the weekend was an added bonus.

The initial task was to erect the two event shelters providing sleeping accommodation (and privacy) for the five boys and three girls respectively.  Being taller than each Cub, a new camping approach was devised and immediately nicknamed the ‘Cheerleader’ for obvious reasons.

Each Cub had a go at lighting a fire using a flint with all the fires combining to create one large fire. As the fire built up the Cubs busied themselves with tidying the leaves and fox induced litter around the camp fire.

Once established cooking could commence starting with bannocks and sausages (lunch) followed by pasta, bolognese and garlic bread (dinner).  Both meals providing energy for the continued clearing efforts.

grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_4 grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_5 grey_pack_sixer_training_2016_6
As darkness fell and it became cooler, we retreated into the Warren for a film (Maleficent – by narrow vote) and early bed.  For those requiring it, shoe cleaning equipment was provided (with instruction) just before the film started.

Sunday morning saw the Cubs cooking their own breakfast, and making their lunch (sandwiches) before manning an iron for pressed neckers.  More “cheerleading” was required to dismantle each tent or so the Leaders were told.

Once lunch was completed it was time to prepare for the parade, with washes and clean/pressed uniforms being donned.  Everyone looked very smartly turned out and were a credit to the group walking down to Rawtenstall.

Hopefully, the Cubs will remember what they have learned and form a solid team between the Leaders and the other Cubs.  Congratulations to Ruby who won the right to carry the flag at the parade, escorted by Daniel and Annalise.

Well done to all those involved (especially the leaders who gave up another weekend) and we felt it was such a success we are looking to make it an annual event.

For more photos from the weekend, view our Facebook Album.

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Group Bonfire & Fireworks Display

group_bonfire_2016_1 group_bonfire_2016_2 group_bonfire_2016_3
The rain kept away for our annual bonfire & fireworks display.

A crowd of over 200 watched a fantastic fireworks display and munched their way through chocolate apples, pies, peas and potato wedges!

Whilst not particularly cold the campfire kept everyone warm as everyone enjoyed the social occasion.

The event raised £488.33 towards Group funds.

For more photos from the evening see our Facebook Album.

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100 Club – November 2016

The winning number in our 85th 100 Club Draw was:


Grey Colony Observatory

grey-colony-observatory_2016_1 grey-colony-observatory_2016_2 grey-colony-observatory_2016_3
Grey Colony Beavers spent an interesting evening at the Astronomy Centre near Todmorden as part of their Space Activity Badge.

The Beavers were informed about stars, moons and planets and how to view them with telescopes.

Having watched a presentation the Beavers were tested on their ability to identify the star constellations by looking at dot patterns in cardboard tubes.

With thanks to Andy and Peter for an informative evening.

Scouts Ice Skating

scouts-ice-skating_2016_1 scouts-ice-skating_2016_2 scouts-ice-skating_2016_3
Blackburn Ice Rink was the host to a fun evening for members of Grey & Purple Scout Troops.

A party size of 50 consisting of over forty Scouts and their Leaders took to the ice.

For some, standing up straight was a challenge but regardless of how they started, everyone learned something new on the ice that night!