Purple Colony My Adventure Challenge

Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_1 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_2 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_3
Purple Colony Beavers have been on a hike as part of their My Adventure Challenge.

Part of their “adventure” was to build a den and to climb a tree. Both with great success!

Other activities for the badge have included learning the Green Cross Code, tackling an obstacle course and cooking on a fire.

Well done to them all on achieving the badge.

More photos from this “adventure” can be viewed in our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_4 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_5 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_6

Purple Pack Observatory

Purple Pack visited the Astronomy Centre near Todmorden as part of their Astronomy Activity Badge.

Split into two groups that swapped over during the night, the Cubs learnt all about planets and stars via a PowerPoint presentation.

A detailed explanation of telescopes of all shapes and sizes followed with a demonstration of one of the largest on-site in the dome shaped building.

Many members enjoyed “spying” on other members and their families with the “Camera Obscura” that is built into the main dome and is one of the biggest in the country.

For more photographs from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack Observatory_2016_1 Purple Pack Observatory_2016_2 Purple Pack Observatory_2016_3

100 Club – May 2016

The winning number in our 79th 100 Club Draw was:


Purple Pack Scientist Badge

Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_1 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_2 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_3
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_10 Purple Pack has recently been working on their Scientist Activity Badge.

They took part in a number of activities which included:

  • Creating a wormery
  • Grew (or failed to grow) cress from seed
  • Checked how exercise altered the pulse rate
  • Saw how an electric switch worked
  • Constructed a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti
  • Found out the difference in spinning a raw egg and a hard-boiled one
  • Made butter
  • Saw how vinegar reacted with coins, steel wool and bicarb
  • Made a hot air balloon
  • Created a submarine sauce sachet
  • Made a cloud in a bottle
  • Pulled a hard-boiled egg into a milk bottle

It was a busy but productive two weeks.  All those who attended gained the badge.

For more photos from the activity, view our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_12
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_11
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_4 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_5 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_6
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_7 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_8 Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_9

County Skills Competition 2016

Cubs_County_Skills_Competition_2016_2 A Six from Grey Pack had the honour of representing the District at the County Skills Competition qualifying as runners up at the recent Akela Trophy.  The Six consisting of three members above 9 years 6 months and three members below this age.

The competition in Burnley (hosts as last years’ winners)  included bases in Tracking, Fire lighting, Map Reading, First Aid and Pioneering with points awarded for a successful task and team work.

Each member of the team did their best performing admirably across all the tasks.  In particular Erin was noted as a knot genius demonstrating newly found skills.

Once all the bases had been visited by all the teams, the points were added for a final result.    Grey Pack were again Runner’s up only 2 points behind the competition winners Burnley.

Congratulations to all the members of the team who did a fine job of representing the District and Group.

More photos from the event, view our Facebook Album.

Cubs_County_Skills_Competition_2016_5 Cubs_County_Skills_Competition_2016_3 Cubs_County_Skills_Competition_2016_4

LEGSJam 2016

LEGSJam_2016_2 LEGSJam_2016_3 LEGSJam_2016_4
The start of May saw over 400 Scouts and Guides from around East Lancashire all join up to attend LEGSJam 2016, a County-wide Jamboree. Among the 400 were 21 Scouts from 38th Rossendale from Purple and Grey Scout Troops.

Friday night saw the Scouts take part in the opening ceremony where our very own Emma Cooper, acting in her role as East Lancashire’s County Youth Commissioner, hosted the show. Streamed live on Facebook, the opening ceremony consisted of dancing, cheering and lots of fireworks!

Saturday and Sunday saw the Scouts take part of lots of different activities around the camp with entertainment in the evening. There was a lip-sync battle on the Saturday evening in which most of the Scouts took part in lip-syncing to their favourite song and a UV-party on the Sunday evening – not quite your normal Scout camp!

Despite the cold and wet weather, a great time was had by all and we are eagerly awaiting news of the next LEGSJam.

For more photos from the event, view our Facebook Album.

LEGSJam_2016_5 LEGSJam_2016_6 LEGSJam_2016_7

Grey Troop Grip & Go

Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_1 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_2 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_3
An evening of energetic fun was held by Grey Troop at Grip & Go Haslingden.

The Scouts had the opportunity to try out the 18 climbing walls as well as battling against each other in the Laser Tag.

More photos from the evening can be viewed in our Facebook album.

Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_7 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_8 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_9 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_10 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_11
Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_12 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_13 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_14 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_15 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_16
Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_4 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_5 Scouts_Thursday_Grip_&_Go_2016_6

Beavers Bowling

Beavers_Bowling_2016_1 Beavers_Bowling_2016_2 Beavers_Bowling_2016_3
Members of Grey and Purple Beaver Colonies teamed up for an evening of fun at MFA Bowl Burnley.

Each Beaver played a 10 game round with each one doing their best to outscore the others.

The evening was rounded off with a “Beaver Yell”.

For more bowling pictures see our Facebook Album.

Beavers_Bowling_2016_5 Beavers_Bowling_2016_6Beavers_Bowling_2016_7 Beavers_Bowling_2016_4

District Akela Trophy 2016

Akela Trophy_2016_2 Akela Trophy_2016_3 Akela Trophy_2016_7
Well done to the two teams from the 38th who took part in the District Akela Trophy.

Grey Pack with their six members finished in 2nd place – many congratulations.

Purple Pack were a team member down but finished in fifth out of seven teams.

Activities included map reading skills, putting up a tent, pioneering, first aid and tracking.

The 5th Rossendale were the deserved winners.

For more photos from the event, view our Facebook album.

Akela Trophy_2016_6 Akela Trophy_2016_4

100 Club – April 2016

The winning number in our 78th 100 Club Draw was: