100 Club – September 2016

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Cubs 100 Adventure Camp

cubs_100_adventure_camp cubs_100_adventure_camp_2 cubs_100_adventure_camp_3
To celebrate the centenary of the formation of the Cub Scout Section, 53 Cub Scouts from the 38th Rossendale took part in the East Lancs Adventure Camp at Bowley Scout Campsite.

Sleeping in “Little Bowley” and the “Tepee Village” the Cubs witnessed an exciting opening ceremony on the Friday night which finished off with a fantastic fireworks display.

cubs_100_adventure_camp_4 cubs_100_adventure_camp_5 cubs_100_adventure_camp_6
On Saturday the Cubs had a choice of activities which included the zip wire, climbing, leap of faith, crate stacking, a variety of inflatables, skateboarding, grass sledging, a water slide, the “Escape Room” and for most the highlight – the quad bikes.

A “jungle” party was held on the Saturday night following the campfire and cutting of the special cake.

cubs_100_adventure_camp_16 cubs_100_adventure_camp_17 cubs_100_adventure_camp_18 cubs_100_adventure_camp_19 cubs_100_adventure_camp_20
cubs_100_adventure_camp_21 cubs_100_adventure_camp_22 cubs_100_adventure_camp_23 cubs_100_adventure_camp_24 cubs_100_adventure_camp_25
cubs_100_adventure_camp_10 cubs_100_adventure_camp_11 cubs_100_adventure_camp_12
On Sunday there were a variety of carnival activities for members to try out.

All members did the Group proud with their conduct over the weekend.

Happy birthday Cub Scouts everywhere!

More photos from the weekend can be found in our Facebook Album.

cubs_100_adventure_camp_7 cubs_100_adventure_camp_8 cubs_100_adventure_camp_9
cubs_100_adventure_camp_13 cubs_100_adventure_camp_14 cubs_100_adventure_camp_15

Grey Colony RAFT Foodbank

beavers_grey_raft_2016_1 beavers_grey_raft_2016_3 beavers_grey_raft_2016_2
Grey Colony Beavers have been working on their My World Challenge Award part of which is to work with an organisation in their community.

The RAFT Foodbank was chosen and the Beavers arrived for their evening armed with provisions.

As well as picking items ready for distribution the Beavers were given the opportunity to undertake some harvest related worksheets.

Thank you to RAFT for their hospitality. We hope our donations are put to a good use which we are sure they will.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

beavers_grey_raft_2016_4 beavers_grey_raft_2016_5 beavers_grey_raft_2016_6

France 2016 International Camp

France_2016_1 France_2016_2 France_2016_3
Our 4th international camp in France started in the early hours of Saturday 20th August when two coaches containing 80 members left the Rossendale Valley at 2:30 am bound for Dover.

Making the rather choppy cross-channel ferry crossing we arrived at the campsite in Ardres, northern France in time for lunch.

A number of land-based activities were laid on for our members in the afternoon.

France_2016_4 France_2016_5 France_2016_6
Everyone was split into a total of six Groups for the activities which included stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing, katakanu and rafting.  Land-based activities included climbing, archery, fencing, night-line and the high ropes (crate stacking and leap of faith).  Everyone was given the opportunity to participate in every activity during the course of the week.
France_2016_7 France_2016_8 France_2016_9
The traditional walk to the local ice cream shop took place on the Sunday and Monday evenings.  We were pleased to see the neckerchief donated to the shop owner’s 2-years ago was hung in pride of place for all to see.
France_2016_10 France_2016_11 France_2016_12
For most the highlight of the week took place on the Tuesday with a visit to Disneyland Paris.  Leaving the site at 7:00 am and returning the following morning at 3:30 am.  Despite the long-day everyone had a throughly good time and came away from Disney armed with gifts for their families.
France_2016_19 France_2016_20 France_2016_21 France_2016_22 France_2016_23
A visit to the local market took place on the Thursday followed on the Friday with the “Star Challenge” testing the members on many of the skills they had learnt during the week.  A campfire and awards ceremony was held on the Friday evening to finish off the camp.

With thanks to the Leaders without it would not have been possible to run the camp and a big thank you to all the members who did us proud with their behaviour whilst away.

France_2016_13 France_2016_14 France_2016_15
For more photos from the camp view our Facebook Albums:

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Ice Cream Shop

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France_2016_16 France_2016_17 France_2016_18

100 Club – August 2016

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Purple Troop Bowley Hike

Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_1 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_2 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_3
Twenty members of Purple Scout Troop completed their hike weekend by hiking from Loveclough to Bowley Scout Camp Site near Great Harwood.

The 11-mile hike took approximately 8-hours to complete.

On arriving at the campsite, the tents were pitched and following tea they chilled around the campfire and played games.

Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_4 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_5 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_6
A shortened return leg of the journey was completed on the Sunday.

Well done to everyone who took part.

Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_7 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_8 Purple_Troop_Bowley_Hike_2016_9

Summer Parties 2016

Summer_Parties_2016_1 Summer_Parties_2016_2 Summer_Parties_2016_3
The summer term was rounded off with a number of parties across each Section.

Grey Colony Beavers had a Beach Party themed meeting.  Many of the Beavers dressed for the occasion.

Activities included a bouncy castle, an obstacle course, a bean bag throwing game and an egg and spoon relay.

See their Facebook Album.

Purple Beaver Colony had a super hero / Disney themed fancy dress party.

The bouncy castle proved to be a top attraction but the horse-shoe throwing game and apple bobbing was also a top hit.

Following supper, the evening was finished off with a water relay game before a prize was awarded to the most original boy and girl fancy dress outfit.

See their Facebook Album.

Summer_Parties_2016_7 Summer_Parties_2016_8 Summer_Parties_2016_9 Summer_Parties_2016_10 Summer_Parties_2016_11
Purple Pack Cubs had an evening of fun at Runamok, Haslingden on the hottest day of the year!

Despite the heat everyone had a great time!

See their Facebook Album.

Grey Pack Cubs finished off the summer term with a fun evening involving space hoppers!

A series of relays were held involving the over-sized balloons that at times proved difficult to handle!

Following a hot-dog supper their mental as well as their physical ability was tested with a giant sized connect four game.

See their Facebook Album.

Summer_Parties_2016_12 Summer_Parties_2016_13 Summer_Parties_2016_14 Summer_Parties_2016_15 Summer_Parties_2016_16
Most end of term parties end up with a feast to celebrate the coming break.

Purple Scout Troop members were in for a shock when on the menu were locusts, buffalo worms, garlic chapulines, mealworms, silkworms, sago worms as well as the more conventional butter beans, kidney beans, spaghetti, jelly worms and chocolate raisins in the Sections very own Bush Tucker Trial.

Most of the Scouts were willing to try the delicacies.

View their Facebook Album.

Summer_Parties_2016_4 Summer_Parties_2016_5 Summer_Parties_2016_6

100 Club – July 2016

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District Beaver Scout Outdoor Activity Day

Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_1 Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_2 Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_3
Beaver Scouts from across Rossendale came together for an outdoor activity day at Cribden House School, Rawtenstall organised by Olly’s Woodland Learning.

The Beavers worked their way around a number of bases taking part in leaf identification, cooking on a fire, building stick towers, fire-lighting, mud painting (any excuse to play in the mud!), putting up a tent, a scavenger hunt, making “dens” for Lego characters, making friendship bracelets and collecting firewood for the end of the afternoon campfire.

Thank you to all those involved in organising the event everyone had a great time!

For more photos from the day, view our Facebook Album.

Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_4 Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_5 Beavers Outdoor Activity Day_2016_6

Purple Pack Olympics

Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_1 Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_2 Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_3
With each Six representing a different country, Purple Pack held a mini-Olympics competition.

The Cubs took part in an Egg & Spoon Race, Bean Bag Target game, a Sprint Relay an Obstacle Course and the Long Jump.

The eventual winners were White Six representing Japan.

The evening was rounded off with a barbeque for the members and their parents before Diana White performed her last duty as “Akela” by investing some new members.

In various forms Diana has served the Group for over 40-years.  An incredible amount of time. She has been a role model to hundreds of Cub Scouts who have passed through the Section.

The good news is that Diana has agreed to be available as an “occasional helper”, but she will not be attending Pack meetings on a weekly basis.

The Group would like to wish Diana all the best in her “retirement”.  No “thank you” can be big enough!

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_4 Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_5 Purple_Pack_Olympics_2016_6