100 Club – February 2017

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100 Club – January 2017

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Grey Pack Snow Tubing

Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_1 Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_2 Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_3
Rossendale Ski Slope was the host on a cold January evening for Grey Pack.

The cold weather did not seem to bother the Cub Scouts who quickly warmed up as the pulled their snow tube up the slope only to return in a fraction of the time.

The evening was rounded off with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

For more photos from the evening, see our Facebook Album.

Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_4 Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_5 Grey Pack Ski Slope_2017_6

Purple Troop St. Anne’s Winter Camp

Scouts_St Annes Camp_1 Scouts_St Annes Camp_2 Scouts_St Annes Camp_3
What does it take to run a winter camp for 24 Scouts?

Well for starters, 152 sausage & bacon, 100 slices of toast, 78 wraps, over 5 kilos of breakfast cereal, 960 grams of cheese, 10 kilos of bolognese sauce, 112 pieces of fruit, 72 pints of milk, over 4 kilos of vegetables, 40 litres of fresh fruit juice, approximately 9,300 baked beans, lots and lots of yummy cake and probably 2 hours of sleep!

Friday evening started with the first of the weekend’s fire activities, marshmallow “Smoores”.

Scouts_St Annes Camp_10 Scouts_St Annes Camp_11 Scouts_St Annes Camp_12 Scouts_St Annes Camp_13 Scouts_St Annes Camp_14
Following little sleep the Scouts were treated to a full English breakfast before splitting into three groups for the mornings activities which included fire lighting and paracords.  A games session then followed.

Smaller groups of four then prepared and cooked a Teriyaki chicken with stir fry vegetables and rice lunch.  All coped with this well.

Fully refreshed, the Scouts then walked the 1.5-miles from the Fylde District Scout activity campsite into St. Anne’s centre.  Here the Scouts were tasked with the mission of identifying a number of items from A-Z and pricing these up in local shops with no more than a £100.00 budget.

Scouts_St Annes Camp_4 Scouts_St Annes Camp_5 Scouts_St Annes Camp_6
Following a pasta bolognese tea the Scouts then used a backwoods cooking technique to cook fresh fruit complete with marshmallows and chocolate on the fire.  This was followed by campfire songs and free time.

On Sunday morning the Scouts were tasked with designing bin-bag clothes and then parading them on the “cat-walk”.

A balloon chair challenge caused great amusement as did the design a car with vegetables that followed.

The hardest task of the weekend, packing and tidying the dormitories preceded the close of camp.

For more photos from the weekend view our Facebook Album.

Scouts_St Annes Camp_7 Scouts_St Annes Camp_8 Scouts_St Annes Camp_9

100 Club – December 2016

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Cubs 100 Promise Party

cubs-100-promise-party_1 cubs-100-promise-party_2 cubs-100-promise-party_3
Members of Grey & Purple Cub Packs numbering 37 from the Group joined over 70 other Cub Scouts from Rossendale at the District Promise Party.

At precisely 19:16 the Cubs renewed their Promise to mark the day 100 years ago the Cub Scout Section was formed.

Games were played, food was eaten and the cutting of the birthday cake rounded off this momentous occasion.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

cubs-100-promise-party_4 cubs-100-promise-party_5 cubs-100-promise-party_6

Purple Troop Grip & Go

purple_troop_grip-go_2016_1 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_2 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_3
Purple Scout Troop went up in the world when they visited Grip & Go at the Adrenaline Centre in Haslingden.

Tackling the various climbing walls all with a different degree of difficulty, nothing seemed to faze the youngsters.

Combined with a session in the Laser Tag area a fantastic evening was had by all.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

purple_troop_grip-go_2016_4 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_5 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_6 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_7 purple_troop_grip-go_2016_8

Beavers Rotary Shoe Boxes

purple_beavers_rotary_2016_1 purple_beavers_rotary_2016_2 purple_beavers_rotary_2016_3
Purple Colony Beavers have been working on their My World Challenge Badge with one of the aims being to help people in far off countries.

With this in mind a collection of gifts from the Beavers were donated to the Rotary International Shoe Box Appeal.

Packing boxes for girls and boys and stating a suitable age range the Beavers worked hard at their task.

The result was 22 boxes all ready for children less well off than themselves.

purple_beavers_rotary_2016_4 purple_beavers_rotary_2016_5 purple_beavers_rotary_2016_6

Bowley Santa Experience

santa-experience_2016_1 santa-experience_2016_2 santa-experience_2016_3
Christmas came soon for members of Grey & Purple Beaver Colonies when they visited the Santa Experience at the Bowley Scout Campsite.

Armed with a plastic carrier bag the Beavers made their way through the winter wonderland collecting items on the way.

The first stop was the Polar Express where a photo-shoot was in order.  Following this the Beavers decorated a wooden present tag before making their way to Postman Pats post office to write and post a letter to Santa.

Entering “Frozen” land the Beavers met up with Olaf and completed a jigsaw puzzle before moving on to Santa’s toy shop.  Here they helped fix some broken toys.

santa-experience_2016_4 santa-experience_2016_5 santa-experience_2016_6
A warm welcome awaited them in Mother Christmas’s kitchen where the Beavers decorated a ginger bread tree.

A talking Rudolph greeted them in the next room where the inquisitive Beavers had lots of questions to ask especially about his red nose!

Father Christmas himself awaited the Beavers in his lounge where all names were read out from his book of children and everyone went away with more goodies for their bag.

See Facebook for more Grey Colony and Purple Colony photos.

santa-experience_2016_7 santa-experience_2016_8 santa-experience_2016_9

Purple Troop Manchester Airport

purple_troop_manchester_airport_1 purple_troop_manchester_airport_2 purple_troop_manchester_airport_3
Members of Purple Scout Troop spent a fascinating evening at the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre.

The tour started by a look airside at the landing and taking off aircraft.  The Scouts were given an explanation about the process and were keen to ask questions.

Moving in to the warmth of the Concorde hanger the Scouts were delighted to board the fastest passenger airliner in the world.

The history of the aircraft was presented by the tour guide.  Many of the Scouts finding some of the facts hard to believe.  They were fascinated to learn that seat 1a for example was reserved for the Queen.  Michael Jackson was another regular who flew the entire journey with a blanket over his head!

Moving off Concorde the Scouts boarded the body of a DC-10 aircraft.  Here not only did they learn the history of the aircraft, but they also were given the chance to portray many aviation jobs, such as pilots, firemen and policemen.

The evening will contribute to their Air Spotter Activity Badge.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook album.

purple_troop_manchester_airport_4 purple_troop_manchester_airport_5 purple_troop_manchester_airport_6