Purple Colony Cyclist Activity Badge

Purple Colony Cycling_2016_1 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_2 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_3
Purple Beaver Colony has undertaken their Cycling Activity Badge.

As well as showing that they could ride their bikes safely, the Beavers considered safety equipment such as helmets, lights and reflective clothing, they learnt to put their helmets on and also a little about bike maintenance including how to pump up a tyre.

All 28 Beavers deserved their badge.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Purple Colony Cycling_2016_4 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_5 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_6
Purple Colony Cycling_2016_7 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_9 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_8 Purple Colony Cycling_2016_10

Family Campfire 2016

Group_Campfire_2016_1 Group_Campfire_2016_2 Group_Campfire_2016_3
With thanks to everyone who supported our Group Campfire Evening.

We started off with a Beetle Drive whilst supper was served.

Following this everyone gathered around the campfire and was in fine voice singing some of our favourite songs.

After expenses, the event raised £322.27 towards Group funds.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Group_Campfire_2016_4 Group_Campfire_2016_5 Group_Campfire_2016_6

100 Club – June 2016

The winning number in our 80th 100 Club Draw was:


Grey Troop Cowpe Lowe Hike

Cowpe Lowe proved the perfect location for an evening hike for Grey Scout Troop.

Taking in the scenes across the Valley the Scouts made their way across the moor before descending into Waterfoot Centre.

Returning to the headquarters each received a well-deserved burger or hot dog.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Grey Troop Cowpe Lowe Hike_2016_1 Grey Troop Cowpe Lowe Hike_2016_2 Grey Troop Cowpe Lowe Hike_2016_3

Grey Pack Marl Pits Hike

Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_1 Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_2 Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_3
Grey Pack decided to take advantage of the lighter evenings to hike in a circular route around Marl Pits Sports Centre.  Thirty cubs attended and were challenged to answer a series of questions relating to locations on the map which each Six were provided with.  This tested both the ability to read a map and observe the local surroundings.

Luckily any rain held off although the route was still muddy in places.   The 38th “Boot Bank” was in attendance ensuring everyone had appropriate footwear for the route – we now have a good supply of boots (and other outdoor gear) for use by the Young Members (please contact your Section Leader if you need help) and donations of additional equipment are always welcome.

The competition was tight with three of the Sixes tying for the lead.  Eventually Orange Six emerged victors by correctly answering the tie break question first.  Well done to all the Cubs for making the evening a success.  A massive thank you to the Leaders and parents for their support and without whose help we are not able to run these events.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_4 Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_5 Grey Pack Marl Pitts Hike_2016_6

Purple Pack Fire Station Visit

Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_1 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_2 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_3
Members of Purple Pack spent a fascinating evening at Rawtenstall Fire Station.

The firefighting appliances were explained to the Cub Scouts and everyone had the chance to ride in the Moorland Fire Fighting vehicle and sit in a Fire Engine.

Poor George (with permission of his dad) celebrated his 10th birthday with a hosing down!  To see the soaking click here.

For more photos from the evening view our Facebook Album.

Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_7 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_8 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_9 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_10 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_11
Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_4 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_5 Purple_Pack_Fire_Station_2016_6

Ashworth Valley Beaver Scout Sleepover 2016

Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_1 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_2 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_3
Grey & Purple Beaver Colonies enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Ashworth Valley Scout Camp Site.

Arriving on the Friday evening, Grey Colony was soon taking part in activities linked to the My Outdoor Challenge and the Camp Craft Activities badge.  This involved learning some basic First Aid, tying three knots and painting a bug-house ready to collect bugs the day after.

Following on from breakfast, Grey Colony took part in Grass Sledging and Archery Activities during the Saturday morning.

Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_4 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_5 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_6
Just after lunch, Purple Colony arrived making 44 Beavers in total.

The Zip Wire was the main highlight of the afternoon.  Other activities included, putting up tents, going on a nature trail (to collect bugs), Pioneering (using skewers & marshmallows), cooking marshmallows over an open fire and making a campfire blanket.

A fully-cooked chicken meal followed for everyone.

The last activity on the Saturday was the campfire with every Beaver in fine song.  The new campfire blankets were worn with pride.  See the Facebook video.

Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_7 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_8 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_9
It was time to say goodbye to Grey Colony leaving Purple Colony to complete the activties undertaken by the others the night before, followed by Grass Sledging and Archery on the Sunday morning.

Every Beaver had a fantastic time and the Leaders would like to thank them all for their impeccable behaviour.

For more photos from the weekend, see our Facebook Album.

Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_10 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_11 Beaver_Scout_Sleepover_Ashworth_Valley_2016_12

Purple Colony My Adventure Challenge

Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_1 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_2 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_3
Purple Colony Beavers have been on a hike as part of their My Adventure Challenge.

Part of their “adventure” was to build a den and to climb a tree. Both with great success!

Other activities for the badge have included learning the Green Cross Code, tackling an obstacle course and cooking on a fire.

Well done to them all on achieving the badge.

More photos from this “adventure” can be viewed in our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_4 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_5 Purple Pack My Adventure Hike_2016_6

Purple Pack Observatory

Purple Pack visited the Astronomy Centre near Todmorden as part of their Astronomy Activity Badge.

Split into two groups that swapped over during the night, the Cubs learnt all about planets and stars via a PowerPoint presentation.

A detailed explanation of telescopes of all shapes and sizes followed with a demonstration of one of the largest on-site in the dome shaped building.

Many members enjoyed “spying” on other members and their families with the “Camera Obscura” that is built into the main dome and is one of the biggest in the country.

For more photographs from the evening, view our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack Observatory_2016_1 Purple Pack Observatory_2016_2 Purple Pack Observatory_2016_3

100 Club – May 2016

The winning number in our 79th 100 Club Draw was: