Nineteen members of Grey Pack enjoyed a return visit to the Ashworth Valley Camp site.

Shortly after arriving at the Pack Holiday Centre the Cubs went out for a hike in the surrounding countryside before returning for pizza to round of the first evening.

The following morning after a hearty breakfast, a series of wide games and a particularly fun game of softball completed the morning before the big adventure of the afternoon trying abseiling, rock climbing and archery. All the Cubs lived up to the promise of doing their best especially where they overcame obvious fear to succeed.

A portion of burger and chips preceded a joint campfire with members of 2nd Rossendale. A film and popcorn rounded off the second evening.

The Sunday of any camp is an excellent opportunity to observe a Scout’s Own Service, making use of the small, open air chapel. The simple service included a couple of prayers and songs as well as a form of reflection on what they were thankful for.

Prior to a Sunday lunch of delicious cottage pie and cake, the Cubs took a trip to the camp shop followed by a wide game.

It was soon time to pack up, clean the hut and head home after a brief closing ceremony.

The Cubs were asked to complete a feedback form and this highlighted that Archery was a firm favourite with rock climbing coming in second.

The Cub’s behaviour was exceptional and they were a real credit to the Group. They should all be very proud of this.

A massive thank you to Jacala for organising the camp and the other Leaders for giving up their weekend. A special mention to Falcon (on loan from Beavers) for providing an excellent menu. The weekend was a great success.

For more photos from the weekend, view our Facebook Album.


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