Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_1 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_2 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_3
Bowley International Scout Camp was the host for the Beaver County Fun-Lympics event.  Eleven members from Grey Colony and eleven members from Purple Colony attended.

The Beavers took part in a variety of activities including curling, hockey, a clothes relay, a marble relay, craftwork and a snowball fight.

Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_4 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_5 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_6
The highlight for most was toasting marshmallows inside a giant tipi.

Everyone was thanked at the end of the afternoon and all the Beavers received a “Well Done” medal to round off the day.

All behaved impeccably and were a credit to the Group.

Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_7 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_8 Beaver_Fun-Lympics_2016_9

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