Grey Cub Pack added an element of chance to their recent story making activity as they worked on their Creative challenge badge.

Rather than just making up a story, facts were reliant on which numbers each six rolled on a large foam dice.   The numbers corresponded to either the: When; Where; Who; Why: What; and, How and each six had to add one fact  to their mind map of the story.  The genre of each story was also set by the roll of the dice at the beginning of the activity.

The game halted once one team had completed at least one item across everyone of the mind map branches, at which point they had 15 minutes to create a story from the facts they had in front of them.

Stories included:

  • Santa being kidnapped by aliens;
  • Bob looking for something to eat while avoiding being eaten by a T Rex;
  • Mr Mouse fighting cats in Chinatown with a Diamond Sword;
  • Bob spying from his Tree; and
  • a biography of Jack Sparrow’s early life.

All the cubs did a brilliant job of using their imagination to create fantastic stories and sharing them with the rest of the pack.  Well done to everyone involved and we look forward to creating book covers for these stories.

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