St Georges Day Parade_2016_1St Georges Day Parade_2016_2St Georges Day Parade_2016_3
St Georges Day Parade_2016_4St Georges Day Parade_2016_5St Georges Day Parade_2016_6
A fantastic turnout of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts attended the annual St. Georges Day Parade in Rawtenstall on Sunday 24th April.

Parading from Whitaker Park to St. Mary’s Church everyone enjoyed the attentions of the watching parents and neighbourhood.

St Georges Day Parade_2016_8St Georges Day Parade_2016_7St Georges Day Parade_2016_9St Georges Day Parade_2016_10St Georges Day Parade_2016_11
Following an entertaining service some of our members were presented their Chief Scout Awards before leaving the church and dismissal around the cenotaph.

The members did us proud and more photos of the day can be seen in our Facebook album.

St Georges Day Parade_2016_12St Georges Day Parade_2016_14St Georges Day Parade_2016_13

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