Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_1Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_2Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_3
Purple Scout Troop had a fantastic evening that forms part of the adventurous programme that can be experienced in Scouts!

The venue was Urban Altitude in Colne, the challenge one of the largest ropes courses in Lancashire.

All 22 Scouts who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many overcame their fears.

Many have asked to go back again so Purple Scouts may be experiencing another aerial adventure sometime in the future!

Everyone who attended received a certificate to say they’d completed the challenge of the low ropes and then the 11m high ropes!

For more photos from the evening see our Urban Altitude Facebook Album.

Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_4Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_5Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_6
Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_7Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_8Scouts (Wednesday) - Urban Altitude_2015_9

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