Five more Scouts recently undertook their Expedition Challenge which goes towards their Chief Scout Gold Award.  They made a reasonably early start and headed towards Bacup through the old railway tunnels.  They decided at the end of the tunnels to take their coats off.  But they also put down an emergency phone given to them.  It took two of the Leaders 30 mins to locate the phone but at least it was found.

The Scouts then had to go up Rooley Moor Road towards the Rossendale Way. This is a steep road to get to the top.  At the top they took a break before heading off towards the camp.  They headed over the Rossendale Way heading towards Dearden Wood in Edenfield.

They arrived at camp around 3 pm where they then started to erect their tents for the night.  They then started to make their dinners.  We had a lot of pasta being cooked with a mix of hotdogs and tuna.

Later everyone gathered around the campfire as the temperature started to drop. The Scouts made hot chocolate to help with the cold.  The walk must have tired them out as they were asking to go to bed at 8pm.  The Leaders got them chatting and sent them to bed around 10 pm.

A relaxed start to the day saw the Scouts getting a lie in until 8 am when they were up getting for breakfast and tidying their belongings.  Once they had done this, they packed their tents away and looked at the route for the second day.

They set off from Dearden Wood and headed down towards Ramsbottom, passing Llamas along the way.  Very little navigational incidents meant the Scouts made very quick time and landed in Nuttall Park by 1 pm.

The did not mind though as they got to play on the park or collapse on the grass whilst waiting for parents.

Well done to them all for completing their expedition and thanks to the Leaders who helped.

Scouts Expedition Challenge - September 2022
Scouts Expedition Challenge - September 2022
Scouts Expedition Challenge - September 2022
Scouts Expedition Challenge - September 2022

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