A team of 10 Scouts from the 38th Rossendale consisting of Members of Grey, Purple and Red Troops joined other Scouts from across the Valley in the inaugural Baden-Powell Trophy competition.

Starting off in their home base at the 38th the Scouts were asked to build catapult and use it to knock down a tower of plastic bottles and skittles.

Moving on to the 21st Rossendale, they were tasked with building a course to run a ball into a bucket. Points were awarded for the successful runs and how long it took them to create the course.

The 43rd Rossendale had them putting up a tent blindfolded and using a “Kim’s game” to identify the correct way to pack a rucksack.

A spot of First Aid was in order at the 40th Rossendale.

Moving next to the 45th Rossendale they were required to light a fire to boil some water in a Kelly Kettle.

The 2nd Rossendale set them an Alphabet Challenge as well as some team games, whilst the 42nd had them design and make a Kite.

Finally, at the 5th Rossendale their Archery skills were put to the test.

The 38th finished overall in 3rd place with 717 points. The winners being the 42nd Rossendale with 741 points. Congratulations to them.

Well done to every member of the team you did a fantastic job and made the Group proud.

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