Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_1 Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_2 Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_3
Be ChFriendship RGB Following the visit by Purple Beaver Colony last year, Grey Colony visited The RAFT Foundation food bank in Rawtenstall.

Once again the Beavers were armed with handfuls of donations for this worthwhile cause.

Once the role of the organisation had been explained to the Beavers, they helped prepare food parcels for distribution the next day.

The Beavers enjoyed a drink and a biscuit before making their way home.

Their visit will contribute to the helping their community part of their Friendship Challenge Badge.

Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_5 Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_6 Beavers_Grey_RAFT_2015_7


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