Saturday morning saw 15 Scouts from Purple Troop and 5 Leaders arrive at The Warren for their February Winter Camp.

The morning consisted of putting up the Group’s brand new tents (thanks to the “Friends of the 38th”) and playing a few games!

After making their packed lunches, the Scouts then caught the East Lancashire Railway Steam Train to Ramsbottom from Rawtenstall and had their dinner by the river.

After dinner the Scouts started their 7-mile hike back from Ramsbottom to The Warren.  We hiked through Chatterton and stopped off at Chatterton Park for a quick break and some fun in the playground.

We returned at around 6pm to a well-deserved full roast dinner (thanks Brenda!).

Saturday evening saw some much needed resting time around the campfire before heading to bed in the new tents.

With Sub-zero temperatures overnight, the Scouts enjoyed their full English breakfast at 8am!

On Sunday morning the Scouts were given a budget of just £2.50 per person in groups of five and asked to shop for and cook their own lunch. The Scouts did very well counting up how much they spent as they went round.  They ate everything they chose.

Sunday afternoon saw the Scouts drop and pack away the tents before playing a few games (where do they get the energy?).

More photos from the weekend can be viewed in our Facebook Album.


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