Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_1Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_2Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_3
Our newly formed Purple Scout Troop chose a dry but cold March weekend for their first camp.  Nearly all of the members attended the one nighter at the Warren and enjoyed a number of activities.

When they arrived on Saturday afternoon they all worked together to put up their tents, followed by filling egg shells with cake mixture in order to bake a cake in an egg!

Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_10Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_11Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_12Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_13Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_14
After tea the Scouts then indulged in masses of popcorn and watched a film before going to bed.  However, not much sleeping occurred as the young people were still awake at gone 2am and were awake and up by 6am!
Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_4Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_5Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_6
Sunday consisted of taking down the tents again and Mother’s Day crafts, when they made tin can lanterns and teapot cards for their mums.

The Scouts were extremely well-behaved all weekend and were a credit to the new Troop.  Everyone had a fantastic time and Purple Scout Troop are looking forward to many more camps!

For more from the weekend see our Facebook album and short Facebook video.

Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_7Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_8Scouts (Wednesday) - March_2015_Warren_Camp_9


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