Members of Purple Scout Troop spent a fascinating evening at the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre.

The tour started by a look airside at the landing and taking off aircraft.  The Scouts were given an explanation about the process and were keen to ask questions.

Moving in to the warmth of the Concorde hanger the Scouts were delighted to board the fastest passenger airliner in the world.

The history of the aircraft was presented by the tour guide.  Many of the Scouts finding some of the facts hard to believe.  They were fascinated to learn that seat 1a for example was reserved for the Queen.  Michael Jackson was another regular who flew the entire journey with a blanket over his head!

Moving off Concorde the Scouts boarded the body of a DC-10 aircraft.  Here not only did they learn the history of the aircraft, but they also were given the chance to portray many aviation jobs, such as pilots, firemen and policemen.

The evening will contribute to their Air Spotter Activity Badge.

For more photos from the evening, view our Facebook album.


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