Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_1 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_2 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_3
Guitars, keyboards, violins and a recorder were just some of the instruments played by the members of Purple Pack at their annual Talent Show.

The audience made up of visiting Beavers that are due to join the Pack in the New Year along with parents were entertained for an hour.

Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_4 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_6 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_7
As well as the musicians they were shown football skills and singing was on the agenda.

No assembly of Cubs would be complete without a rendition of campfire songs including Tom the Toad, Zombies and the Banana song.

Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_8 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_9 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_5
Well done to all the Cubs who have not only the X, but also the Y and the Z factor!

To see them in action see our Facebook video.

Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_10 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_11 Purple_Pack_Talent_Show_2014_12


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