Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_1Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_2Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_3
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_10Purple Pack has recently been working on their Scientist Activity Badge.

They took part in a number of activities which included:

  • Creating a wormery
  • Grew (or failed to grow) cress from seed
  • Checked how exercise altered the pulse rate
  • Saw how an electric switch worked
  • Constructed a tower using marshmallows and spaghetti
  • Found out the difference in spinning a raw egg and a hard-boiled one
  • Made butter
  • Saw how vinegar reacted with coins, steel wool and bicarb
  • Made a hot air balloon
  • Created a submarine sauce sachet
  • Made a cloud in a bottle
  • Pulled a hard-boiled egg into a milk bottle

It was a busy but productive two weeks.  All those who attended gained the badge.

For more photos from the activity, view our Facebook Album.

Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_12
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_11
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_4Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_5Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_6
Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_7Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_8Purple Pack_Scientist Badge_2016_9

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