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Bowley International Scout Camp was the location for this years Purple Pack Camp.

The Cubs arrived on Friday night and following unpacking were soon thrown into their activities with a hike to Great Harwood for a chip shop supper.

On return to the campsite they played games before settling down for the night (after a bit of persuasion!).

Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_7 Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_8 Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_9
Saturday saw the Cubs taking part in catapult shooting, tracking, putting up a tent and crate stacking.  They also walked into the centre of Whalley, taking in the sites of the area and taking note of damage caused to the river banks in the floods late last year.

Following on from tea, the Cubs were in fine voice around the campfire before watching a film to wind-down for the evening.

Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_10 Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_11 Purple_Pack_Bowley_2016_12
Sunday included air rifle shooting and a full roast lunch, before a Leaders v Cubs water fight to round off the camp.

Everyone received badges in recognition of their hard work over the weekend which was made all the better by fantastic behaviour from all present.

For more photos from the camp, view our Facebook album.

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