Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_1Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_2Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_3
BeaverpetsAs well as Beavers (the human kind) we had dogs, a cat, a rabbit and a hamster at the Warren during Purple Colonies Animal Friend Show & Tell evening.

Not all animals were present but we heard stories of horses, fish, chickens and even a chameleon.

The Beavers were asked to give background information on their pet such as name, age, breed and how the fed and looked after them.

The highlight of the evening was to take a close-up view of the pets and most took the opportunity for a quick stroke!

Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_4Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_5Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_6
Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_7Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_8Beavers (Purple) Animal Show & Tell_9


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