Grey Pack has been busy having fun transforming a dull grey wall into a living adventure which the entire Group can enjoy.

A couple of fun filled evenings were spent turning an unloved corner of the Warren into an oasis of colours and smells.

Recycling old plastic bottles, they created a vertical garden designed to attract insects using a mixture of herbs and simple flowers.

An attempt to grow plants was only partially successful due to heavy rain, providing valuable learning for their Scientist badge – what does and does not work when growing seeds.

The plant containers were made from 2-litre plastic bottles with a large cut out and holes for threading the cable, and drainage prepared before the meeting by the Leaders.

A small amount of gravel in the bottom of each bottle aids drainage before compost is readied for the arrival of the plants.

The top row of the vertical garden has been left empty and the plan is to add further plants later in the summer.

To tidy the top of the wall (and hide the cables), brambles are being trained and will attract birds.  The use of herbs means they are even looking to include their own efforts in cooking later in the year.

The Cubs really enjoyed getting their fingers in the soil and did a fantastic job of planting.  Over the coming months they will watch as their creation begins to bloom and they cannot wait to see who comes to visit.

This is a resource for the entire Group for everyone to enjoy.  Can you tell what each plant is?  Some have very distinctive smells.   Try gently rubbing leaves between fingers to release a more intense smell.

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