Remembrance weekend saw eight members of Grey Pack assemble at the Warren for a Sixer and Seconder weekend.  Aimed at showing them how they can help run the Pack, the opportunity to cook on an open fire for the weekend was an added bonus.

The initial task was to erect the two event shelters providing sleeping accommodation (and privacy) for the five boys and three girls respectively.  Being taller than each Cub, a new camping approach was devised and immediately nicknamed the ‘Cheerleader’ for obvious reasons.

Each Cub had a go at lighting a fire using a flint with all the fires combining to create one large fire. As the fire built up the Cubs busied themselves with tidying the leaves and fox induced litter around the camp fire.

Once established cooking could commence starting with bannocks and sausages (lunch) followed by pasta, bolognese and garlic bread (dinner).  Both meals providing energy for the continued clearing efforts.

As darkness fell and it became cooler, we retreated into the Warren for a film (Maleficent – by narrow vote) and early bed.  For those requiring it, shoe cleaning equipment was provided (with instruction) just before the film started.

Sunday morning saw the Cubs cooking their own breakfast, and making their lunch (sandwiches) before manning an iron for pressed neckers.  More “cheerleading” was required to dismantle each tent or so the Leaders were told.

Once lunch was completed it was time to prepare for the parade, with washes and clean/pressed uniforms being donned.  Everyone looked very smartly turned out and were a credit to the group walking down to Rawtenstall.

Hopefully, the Cubs will remember what they have learned and form a solid team between the Leaders and the other Cubs.  Congratulations to Ruby who won the right to carry the flag at the parade, escorted by Daniel and Annalise.

Well done to all those involved (especially the leaders who gave up another weekend) and we felt it was such a success we are looking to make it an annual event.

For more photos from the weekend, view our Facebook Album.


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