Not that they need too much encouragement but Grey Pack started looking ahead to Christmas.  Rather than thinking of what they could look forward to they thought about others with the help of RAFT, Rossendale’s highly successful community support organisation most visible through the food bank.

One of our ex-cubs (Jennie) saw an article on Reverse Advent and suggested this might be something the Cubs would like to do.  The idea behind reverse advent is to grab a basket or box, and every day leading up to Christmas, add something useful to the box (tinned food, cleaning stuff, toys, whatever you think would be welcome).

Grey Pack welcomed Caroline Collins of RAFT to come and introduce the Reverse Advent idea. Caroline started by asking the cubs to think what you would miss about Christmas?  Working in four teams, the Cubs wrote and drew what they would miss.  Everyone agreed that we are all the Rossendale family and it is good to help family especially at Christmas time.

The Cubs came up with some great ideas with presents and traditional food treats, but also things like family.  RAFT use these ideas to help plan what they need to make Christmas special for the families and individuals they help.

Caroline shared a couple of RAFT videos which the Cubs thoroughly enjoyed.  In addition to donations from the public Raft are supported by our local M&S with unsold perishable food and goods.  Caroline brought bananas for the Cubs.

Raksha shared ideas for any donations via sample boxes (including one for a girl filled with toys and art materials) which was presented to RAFT.  Cubs were invited to help in one of three ways:

  1. Fill a box with general supplies
  2. Make a gift box for a girl or boy
  3. Bring in items that can be collated into a section box.

As a thank you to Raksha for organising and inviting RAFT, Caroline presented her with some flowers.

A massive thank you to Caroline who provided a whole evenings worth of activity.  We are honoured to be working with RAFT and look forward to running this through November, rather than leaving until December, will allow the donations to collected and distributed in time for Christmas.  Caroline will be back on 25th November to collect our donations and we would welcome any donations from other section members if they feel they would like to contribute also.

Download a copy of our flyer here.

Please contact Grey Pack Akela or Raksha to arrange drop off of your collections.

More photos from the evening can be viewed in our Facebook Album.


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