Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_2 Cycling Activity Badge Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_3
The traffic-flow on the M60 was nothing compared to the congestion at the Warren when Grey Beaver Colony recently undertook their Cycling Activity Badge.

Carefully navigating the laid out course, the Beavers showed off their skills at riding a bike.

Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_4 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_5 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_6b
In addition the Beavers learnt how to put on and wear a cycle helmet, why it is important to wear safety equipment and how to pump up a tyre.

All thoroughly deserved the award of their badge.

Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_7 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_8 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_9 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_10 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_11
Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_12 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_13 Beavers_Grey_Cycling_Activity_Badge_2015_14

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