We recently had contact via the website of a former Scout, Stephen Hayhurst who was reminiscing about his youth and the fun times that he had as a member of the 38th Rossendale.

He writes:

“I joined the 38th in 1954 and well remember those early days at The Warren.  When the land was first acquired, it was just a triangular piece of rough ground, with the steep slopes at the back full of builder’s rubble and rubbish.  I and my fellow Scouts spent many a summer weekend there clearing the rubbish from the slopes and dumping it into a large depression at the lower end of the plot.  We usually camped there Saturday night!!!  I remember skinning and cooking a rabbit there as part of my Backwoodsman badge.

When the first hut was erected it was only big enough to store the Niger tents and camping equipment.  Troop meetings being held in Cloughfold School.  Eventually the main area was levelled by a bulldozer making the site more usable.  I left to go to university just as the first large building was being started.

The members of the Owl Patrol at that time were variously myself, John Manning, Bruce Derbyshire, Terry Shingles, Keith Hindle, Trevor Murray, Ronnie Dennis and Tony Clayton.

I left Rossendale in 1988 and have lived in France since 2002 and would love to hear from or about any of the above.”

We are very grateful to hear Stephen’s story.

Please feel free to contact us and we will pass on any communication.

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