Easter Egg Draw

  • 1st Prize – 271-275 – Yellow
  • 2nd Prize – 961-965 – White
  • 3rd Prize – 561-565 – Green
  • 4th Prize – 336-340 – White
  • 5th Prize – 821-825 – Green
  • 6th Prize – 701-705 – Pink
  • 7th Prize – 871-875 – White
  • 8th Prize – 161-165 – Yellow
The frantic rolling of a dice marked the start of our annual Family Beetle Drive.

The aim of the game was to draw a beetle using the numbers represented by the six sides of the dice.  Fourteen numbers were required to complete the game.

Hot dogs, crispy cakes and plenty of drinks were available to keep up energy levels.

Our Easter Egg Draw also took place with eight lucky winners claiming a prize.

A total of £360 was raised from the two fundraisers.  Thank you to everyone for their support.

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