Easter Egg Roll_2016_2 Easter Egg Roll_2016_3 Easter Egg Roll_2016_4
Easter Egg Roll_2016_5 Easter Egg Roll_2016_6 Easter Egg Roll_2016_7
Members across all Sections took part in our Easter Egg Chocolate Roll Competition.

A total of £322.50 was raised by everyone rolling / sliding 10 pence pieces. The winner being the person whose coin was closest when everyone else had run out of money.

A special thank you to Colette Butler of Tesco Haslingden for arranging a donation towards the cost of the eggs.

For more photos from the evening view our Facebook Album.

Easter Egg Roll_2016_8 Easter Egg Roll_2016_9 Easter Egg Roll_2016_10
Easter Egg Roll_2016_11 Easter Egg Roll_2016_12 Easter Egg Roll_2016_13
Easter Egg Roll_2016_14 Easter Egg Roll_2016_15 Easter Egg Roll_2016_16

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