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Congratulations to the 38th Rossendale Purple Colony Beavers for winning the Rossendale District Akeema Shield Competition.

38th Rossendale Grey Colony was joint second place with the 40th Rossendale.

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The activities were Skipping, Box & Broom Relay, Egg & Spoon Relay, Elephant Doh Nutters Game, Blind-fold Ball in a Box Game, a fishing Game, Hockey Relay and a Twister Memory Game.
Beavers_Akeema_Shield_2015_9 Beavers_Akeema_Shield_2015_10 Beavers_Akeema_Shield_2015_11 Beavers_Akeema_Shield_2015_12 Beavers_Akeema_Shield_2015_13
The full results were:

1. 38th Ross (Purple) – 343 points.
2. 38th Ross (Grey) – 310 points.
2. 40th Ross – 310 points.
3. 5th & 45th Ross (joint team) – 286 points.
4. 42nd Ross – 279 points.
5. 21st Ross – 254 points.
6. 43rd Ross – 246 points.

Purple Colony will now represent Rossendale in the County Akeema Shield Competition.

Everyone “did their best” and should be proud of themselves.

More photos from the event can be viewed in our Facebook Album.

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