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Bowley International Scout Camp Site was the venue for forty three Beavers Scouts for the annual Sleepover for Grey & Purple Beaver Colonies.

Grey Colony arrived on the Friday evening and were quickly involved in activities including cooking marshmallows over an open fire and learning the basics of First Aid.  A pizza supper and a film to wind down for the evening was to follow.

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Little sleeping went on overnight but that did not stop the Beavers being ready for a full day of activities starting with Archery and Grass Sledging.

Lunchtime saw the Purple Colony Beavers arrive and all members taking part in Zip Wiring or Crate Stacking, Den Building, Pond Dipping, learning some basic knots and painting a bird feeder.

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A full roast dinner was to follow for all members and Leaders before Grey Colony members purchased souvenirs from the camp shop before returning home.

Purple Colony then took the opportunity to cook marshmallows and play a few games before getting ready for bed and a film.

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Sunday morning brought with it some rain which following a lesson in first aid thankfully cleared up.  The planned activities of Grass Sledging and Archery then went ahead.

Lunch and the shop followed before parents arrived to take home some tired Beavers for the end of a very successful weekend.

All Beaver Scouts who attended earned their My Outdoor Challenge Badge as well as their Nights Away Staged Activity Badge.

More photos from the weekend can be viewed in our Facebook Album.

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