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The tension was high, you could have heard a pin drop.  Everyone waited for the news.  Who had won the Jean Smith Award?  One person in the crowd was to be the lucky recipient and that person was Erin.

The Grey Colony Beaver of the year who was chosen from six hopefuls to win the special shield in memory of our former Group President.  The shield was presented by Jean’s daughter Bev who had chosen the winner with the assistance from her partner from an anonymous profile of the six candidates.

Erin was joined by Ashley as Purple Colony Beaver Scout of the Year, Nathan who was Grey Pack Cub Scout of the Year, Oscar who was Purple Pack Cub Scout of the Year, Edward was Scout of the Year and Matthew who was Explorer Scout of the Year.  All fully deserving of the award that was bestowed on them.

In addition Jake and Amie received their Chief Scout Bronze Award and Dempsey her Chief Scout Gold Award.

Beaver Scout Leader, Andrew Cooper received his 30-year service award.

Guests were entertained by each Section giving a presentation on their last 12-months of activities and after all the formalities everyone enjoyed a barbeque courtesy of the Group.

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