We are pleased to announce that Connor is our Scouter of the Year and has been presented the “Jean Smith Award” in recognition of this achievement.

This was very well deserved award comes from his commitment to Scouting and the support given to his mother whilst she was recovering from an illness.

Many congratulations Connor.

The Grey Beaver Colony Beaver Scout of the Year Award was won by George, the Purple Colony Award was won by Zack, the Grey Cub Pack Award was won by Sophie, the Purple Cub Pack Award was won by Luke, the Grey Scout Troop Award was won by Hannah Grace, the Purple Scout Troop Award was won by Lauren the Red Scout Troop Award was won by Connor and the Explorer Scout of the Year was Adam.  All of them have shown outstanding commitment to their Sections and are well deserved winners.

In addition at the event Agatha, Ethan, George, Grace, James F, James H, Jamie, Jessica, Joshua, Lois and Millie received their Chief Scout Bronze Award, Ava and Jack received their Chief Scout Silver Award and Abigail, Ashley, Connor, Edie, Ella, Eponine, Ethan, Nathan and William received their Chief Scout Gold Award.

From the Seat Naze Explorer Scouts, Elliott and Robert received her Chief Scout Diamond Award.

Lottie and Logan received a Commissioners Commendation Award.

Oliver Cooper and Chris Taylor received their Wood Badge for Assistant Unit Leader and Unit Leader for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree.  Nathan Ashworth received his Assistant Section Leader Wood Badge for Beaver Scouts.

Chief Scout Commendations for good service were awarded to Caroline White, Chris Taylor, Di Hides, Emma Cooper, Mick Hides, Oliver Cooper and Olly White.

Merit Awards were awarded to Carole Mitchell on behalf of the late Jimmy Mitchell, Micheal Hoyle and Peter Whittaker.

Nick Lowe and Peter Whittaker received a 20-year service award, Andrew Mitchell (Mitch) a 25-year award and Diana White 40-years.

Congratulations to them all.

Before the awards, guests were entertained by each Section giving a presentation of their activities over the last 12-months.

The afternoon was rounded off with barbeque food for everyone that attended.

For more photos from the day, see our Facebook Album.

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