Grey Troop Observatory_1
Purple Scout Troop, took British Science Week to an all new level as they visited the Todmorden Observatory as part of their Astronomer Activity Badge.

Twenty two of the Troop went inside a dome and learned all about the different types of stars, constellations and learned how to find the North Star, or Polaris as they now know it!  They were taught how to use a cardboard cereal box to look at the sun and the moon (although you have to remove the cereal first!).

Grey Troop Observatory_2Grey Troop Observatory_3

Once the sky became a little darker, the Scouts moved up the hill to the larger observatory where the main telescopes are kept. The owner, Peter Drew, made the majority of the telescopes there with scrap metal and the Scouts used one to look at the moon. They were surprised how clear it was!

Of course being in a dome made talking an interesting activity with sounds bouncing from all angles and it turned out that the owner made the 2-ton dome himself which one of our Scouts, Freya, got to move – isn’t she strong!

Purple Scouts will continue with their Astronomer Activity Badge as they learn more about the solar system and make their own telescope!

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