Red Troops “Summer (Hunger Games) Camp” seemed more like 31 Scouts and Leaders against the rain.

Wet weather dominated Friday night and most of Saturday but while it curtailed the early afternoon programme they valiantly carried on through the hardships. Well what’s a British summer without rain!

The weekend was a test of the Scouts ability to work with other members of their ‘districts’ (which replaced the usual Patrols) negotiating food plans, cooking for each other and organising the clean-up of the aftermath. So, parents when your Scout says they don’t know how to wash up or make food (especially pancakes) they may be fibbing just a little.

Friday saw everyone arrive with many fetching their own tents using this opportunity to test their skill at erecting their own little space with three Scouts choosing to hammock. It was followed by an impromptu singalong round the campfire prior to bed.

Saturday saw them taking part in district vs district games, testing their map skills to find their districts stash of food and then trade with other districts to complete their meal.

After lunch there was a forced hiatus in activity due to torrential rain but when it had eased off somewhat, they made mini bows and arrows, learned safe and practical use of axe, saw and had some target practice with the catapults.

The evening meal was a barbecue, followed by what was meant to be a quick game of rounders, we even roped in a member of Bowley staff, 3hrs later we called a halt due to fading light!

Smores and popcorn around the fire and off to bed with most quieting down very quickly.

On Sunday a bright yellow ball appeared in the sky which caused confusion amongst some until a member of camp staff explained it was a strange occurrence that only happens over Bowley every 12-years.

With sunny weather we were up early making breakfast and packing up before being given a chance to show their inner ‘Katniss Everdeen’ on the archery and win goodies for their district.

The end of an enjoyable weekend and a massive thank you to the Friday Leaders team for their support for making this camp such a success.

For more photos from the camp, view our Facebook Album.

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