Purple Troop's Leadership Camp

A cold March weekend saw Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders and Senior Patrol Leaders, together with the adult leadership team, come together for a weekend camp of a different style – all focused around leadership skills.

Like all good camps, the weekend was started kicked off by a full-english breakfast cooked by the leaders (we’re sure to was to demonstrate good leadership!)

After a hearty breakfast it was straight into what the role of a Patrol Leader is within the section and how they can use some great leadership techniques to help keep their patrol on the right track to having a great experience in Scouting.

They also identified each of the key styles of leadership and which leader generally used which leadership style. They got them all right, can you guess them correctly too?
The Patrol Leaders also learned that different circumstances called for them to change their leadership style in order to get the best out of their patrol.


Using this style, the young people you are leading may not be aware that you are playing a leadership role. Being there to help and support is a form of leadership.


This is a style that you would most associate with leading, like the regimental sergeant major, giving firm and clear instructions.

Democratic/Team Based

This style involves leading a discussion and including everyone in the final decision.


This is the subtlest form of leadership. It involves knowing when to let go and let your youngsters take the lead. It is used when there is no risk to their safety and gives them the opportunity to make their own decisions.


This is a planning style as much as a leadership style. You take responsibility for getting things organised in such a way that the outcome that you desire is achieved.

After all that hard-thinking, it was time to learn about leadership in games, which of course meant playing some ourselves! Ever played human-hungry-hippos or cooked a cake in an orange?

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