Cub_Orienteering_2013_1 Cub_Orienteering_2013_2 Cub_Orienteering_2013_3
Purple Cub Pack completed a second week of orienteering training with a practical assessment at Marl Pitts Sports Centre under the guidance of Pendle Forest Orienteers.

There were varying degrees of success but all the Cubs were enthusiastic and enjoyed the challenge.

This will count towards the Fitness Challenge by trying out a new sport.

Cub_Orienteering_2013_4 Cub_Orienteering_2013_5 Cub_Orienteering_2013_6
Cub_Orienteering_2013_7 Cub_Orienteering_2013_8 Cub_Orienteering_2013_9

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