Beavers (Purple) - Disability Awareness - 2015_1be-as-dis-2Beavers (Purple) - Disability Awareness - 2015_2
For the last few weeks Purple Colony Beavers have been concentrating on the Disability Awareness Activity Badge.

To appreciate the difficulty some people experience in their daily lives the Beavers have been asked to research about a Paralympian, they have learnt sign language, they have decorated biscuits blindfolded and also played blindfolded football.

The Colony were luckily enough to be visited by Margret Halliwell with her Guide Dog Kirsty.

Margaret explained how she lived her daily life and how Kirsty gave her the freedom to live as near normal life as possible.

Margaret also showed the Beavers equipment she uses to assist her including a device to measure the height of water in a cup, a talking clock and a device to confirm what colour clothes she is wearing.

All the Beavers thoroughly deserve the badge following the hard work undertaken to achieve it.

Beavers (Purple) - Disability Awareness - 2015_3Beavers (Purple) - Disability Awareness - 2015_4Beavers (Purple) - Disability Awareness - 2015_5


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