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Camping in sub-zero temperatures holds no fear for Explorer Scouts (especially with a tonne of logs to burn!)

In what is becoming an annual event, the Seat Naze Explorers braved the chilly February weather in the Tipi village at Bowley Scout Camp Site.

Despite what you may think the only activity was not just chatting around a roaring fire in the big tipi, they actually undertook a carving masterclass from Brian Walsh, learning to carve intricate cockerels and also brushed up on their tomahawk throwing skills on the specially created throwing range.

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After a Saturday night of thick, freezing fog, on the Sunday, following lashings of porridge and bacon, it was all hands to the decks as everybody helped to take down the large tipi so that its canvas could be repaired.

In an effort to extend its life, the Explorers gave the wooden supports a coat of much needed linseed oil to help protect it from the elements.

Explorers_Tipi_Feb_2015_9 Explorers_Tipi_Feb_2015_10 Explorers_Tipi_Feb_2015_11
An unexpected visitor on the Sunday morning was a lost racing pigeon.  The Explorers looked after it and made sure it was fed.  It eventually flew away once warmed and refuelled.
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