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To celebrate the centenary of the formation of the Cub Scout Section, 53 Cub Scouts from the 38th Rossendale took part in the East Lancs Adventure Camp at Bowley Scout Campsite.

Sleeping in “Little Bowley” and the “Tepee Village” the Cubs witnessed an exciting opening ceremony on the Friday night which finished off with a fantastic fireworks display.

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On Saturday the Cubs had a choice of activities which included the zip wire, climbing, leap of faith, crate stacking, a variety of inflatables, skateboarding, grass sledging, a water slide, the “Escape Room” and for most the highlight – the quad bikes.

A “jungle” party was held on the Saturday night following the campfire and cutting of the special cake.

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On Sunday there were a variety of carnival activities for members to try out.

All members did the Group proud with their conduct over the weekend.

Happy birthday Cub Scouts everywhere!

More photos from the weekend can be found in our Facebook Album.

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