Grey Pack finished the year presenting the musical “Away with the Manager” at the Sion Baptist Church.

The story centres around the two jewel thieves hiding out in a school nativity while being pursued by the police led by Inspector Clueno.  Containing lyrics and adapted tunes, the story has something for all the family, including romance between leading characters.

Everyone did a great job and worked hard to make sure the audience had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Congratulations to everyone taking part and well done!

A massive thank you to Sion Baptist Church who not only provided the venue but also technical support in terms of the projector and the sound system.

Thank you to all the leaders who supported the event whether backstage, photography or refreshments.

The biggest thank you has to go our slightly mad (her words!) Director Jacala.  What started out as an opportunity to lead an activity as part of her Wood Badge, quickly turned into a full time job.  However the results fully justified the effort and the Cubs showed their appreciation with flowers.

More photos can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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