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Sweet Dreams were certainly the order of the evening as Grey Pack staged a hugely successful 80s Fun Night at Our House (the Warren) which we transformed to an 80s theme although without 99 Red Balloons.

After all the effort we were Living on a Prayer that people would come and despite requests Eileen did not make an appearance but we didn’t stop believing and could Relax as everyone arrived.

80s Fun Night_480s Fun Night_580s Fun Night_6
In the main hall was anything but Dancing in the Dark with a light and laser show to accompany the 80s soundtrack, which even the Sweet Child of Mine got Footloose.

The Entrance area became Rory’s arcade with a selection of 80s computer games where Everybody wants to rule the word and despite being designed for the young people it was no surprise the prizes went to adults reliving their (misspent?) youth.

80s Fun Night_780s Fun Night_880s Fun Night_9
Lots of effort went into the fancy dress although unanimously the Look of Love fell on the Simpsons who claimed the top prize.

A quiz ran throughout the evening ending with the frustration of a music round.  Everyone knew the tunes but not always the correct name or who sang them so everyone felt Under Pressure.

After a Final Countdown the quiz was won by the JBs, but no Cuddly Toy for them but rather retro sweets for the Cubs and Black Tower wine for the adults.

80s Fun Night_1080s Fun Night_1180s Fun Night_12
A massive thank you to everyone for all the support from all sections both before and on the evening and whilst not Money for Nothing we made a fantastic £200 for the Group.
80s Fun Night_1380s Fun Night_1480s Fun Night_15


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